How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer

Synopsis: The rise of movie theatre attacks scare a young man obsessed with film into unintentionally killing an innocent patron and becoming the thing he feared.

Status: Available online and on Amazon Prime (MoMo Film Fest Channel).

Tech Specs: 7:12 minutes / Thriller / Color / English / iPhone 6s

password: movie


4 awards + 17 selections

Winner - Best Director - Global Mobile Film Awards - 2017

2nd Place - Best Film - International Mobil Film Fest - 2017

2nd Place - Audience Choice Award - MoMo Film Festival - 2016

3rd Place - Best Film - Cairo Mobile Film Fest - 2016


Ian Geldart, Adam Capriolo, Rebecca Gibian, James Soares, Mikhael Melnikoff, Ryan Rogerson, and Aris Tyros.


Written, Directed, Edited, & Produced: Aris Tyros

Cinematography: Giulio Cosmo Calisse

Soundtrack: Josh Cruddas



Behind the scenes / Festival circuit