A Madness to my Method

Synopsis: In a method acting performance that gives Daniel Day Lewis and Robert De Niro a run for their money, Jemma is sent into a paranoid spiral with the only hope of salvation coming from a salt shaker full of cocaine and her 8-pound dog, Gummy.

Logline: A method actor gets so into her role she completely forgets her real life.

Tech Specs: 6 minutes / Comedy / Color / English

Status: Film Festival Circuit

Nominated for Best Short at the 2021 Just For Laughs Eat My Shorts Festival

Semi-Finalist at the 2021 Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Fest

Nominated for Best Canadian Short at the 2020 Silver Wave Film Festival



Jemma played by Tatyana Mitchell

Ginny played by Jessalyn Ferguson

Dave played by Jonathan Shaboo

Gummy the dog played by Ziggy

Audience Members: Raquel Simoes, Krystle Meixner, Cole Reid, Edward Hutchinson, Haleigh Carter, Maddy Burgess, & Johan DeNora


Written, Directed, Edited, & Produced: Aris Tyros

Director of Photography: Owen Deveney

Production Designer: Helena Amorim Silva

Original Score: Travis Ferguson

"Beautality" written, recorded, and realized by Louie Short

Sound Editor: Taylor Brockelsby

1st AD: Sean Colby

1st AC: Alicia Baggieri

Gaffer: Stefan Kuchar

Sound Recordist: Thom Varey

Grip: Sean Shikatani

Hair & Makeup: Andayah Laramee

PA: Ian Geldart

DMT: Hugo Dabas

BTS: Andreia Luis

Poster Design: Raquel Simoes

Behind the scenes